E.P.C.F stands for Engineering,
Construction, and Financing
with P.E.M. Professional
Engineering Management

Triton Engineering and Construction Public Company Limited (TritonEC), a multi discipline engineering, procurement and construction management company, is an industry leader in the design and implementation of new technologies. With in-house expertise, TritonEC is committed to providing exceptional services to clients on a broad range of capital and operational projects from facilities to pipelines to process plants including refineries and petrochemical plants.

TritonEC’s rich history as market leader in providing horizontal directional drilling services in all industries has made the TritonEC brand, a household brand for clients. We aim to grow our brand to other countries where TritonEC can offer these services.

TritonEC aims to be the leader in engineering, procurement and construction management services. We provide EPCM services for oil and gas facilities, refineries and petrochemical plants. We provide multi-discipline engineering and effective project management of our clients’ projects including facility upgrades, modernization, capacity expansions to fabrication of facilities, and the installation of electrical, instrumental and equipment installations.


Dismantling Services

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    TritonEC performs demolition and dismantling services for industrial and commercial clients. We are equipped with large heavy machines and experienced staff, allowing us to perform in large demolition projects. Recently, we have been awarded to perform demolition project for Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited (PDI) to dismantle its discontinued zinc smelting plant in Tak province.

Waste Treatment Services

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    Our capabilities include treating waste and improving the quality of areas that are contaminated with hazardous chemicals through our best treatment solution. For PDI smelting demolition project, we also perform waste treatment for the deconstruction area, ensuring that the area is clearly treated before it can be utilized for other activities in the future.

Civil Work

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    1. Substations first high speed train stations
      TritonEC has taken part in civil work for high speed train station, constructing substation where is the vital part of high speed trains as it will supply electricity for the high speed train mobility.
    2. General civil work: u turn bridges, bridges and fabrications
      With skills and trusted by leading clients, TritonEC has been awarded to perform general civil work by constructing u-turn bridge and other bridges as we are a leading bridge and fabrication engineering service specialist handled by experts who own advanced techniques to deliver the best products.

Tank Terminals and Booster Pump Stations

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    Specialized in EPCM, Tritonec has proven its performance through tank terminal and booster pump construction project by delivering multi-disciplinary turnkey EPC solutions in tank terminal and booster pump project.

EPCM Services

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    1. Project Methodology: TritonEC executes our projects in distinct phases from feasibility studies, basic engineering or front end engineering design, front end loading, detail engineering and site services.

    2. Site Support Services: Our site support includes construction supervision, start up support and commissioning services. Our services can be provided on a reimbursable basis or lump sum turn-key basis.

    3. Engineering and Project Management: Multi-discipline engineering and design services. TritonEC offers core engineering capabilities such as mechanical, piping, electrical, civil/structural, instrumentation and automation. We utilize in house and outsourced project managers.

    4. Experienced Staff: Our staff personnel have managed multi-country project executions for Clients around the world. Our team of experienced management, project directors and engineers are equipped to offer, provide and deliver successful projects.

    5. Outsourcing of Technical Services

    6. Procurement Management and Sourcing

    7. Construction Services:

    Depending on the project, TritonEC can provide construction services ranging from:

    • General: Civil Work (Construction, pipeline, underground utility work, HDD, Micro Tunneling)
    • Mechanical: HDD and Pipe Welding
    • Electrical: HDD, Underground power line duct bank, power line installation works, substations, transformers, facilities, electrical and installations.
    • Marine: Undersea HDD (Oil Gas and Water)

HDD Services

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    TritonEC provides a full range of engineering, design and field services to all industries and markets. We aim to integrate our project managers, engineers, designers with your team for seamless support from concept to completion. We pride ourselves as the market leader for HDD services and have a long list of successful past delivery of HDD projects, as well as the most equipped team of technicians and largest fleet of equipment.

Utility Relocation

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    TritonEC’s construction capabilities involve extensive utility relocation, as well as the repairs or new construction of utilities as part of any large-scale construction projects. The TritonEC team is highly skilled in the various aspects of utility work. Supervisors focus heavily on safety as well as quality control. TritonEC’s numerous and years of experience can perform most utility works from sewer, drainage, water, power lines, telecommunication lines, gas and oil with great expertise



TritonEC engineers, constructs infrastructure, commercial projects and management as specialists in project construction and management with superior experience for HDD. Our expertise is suited to sensitive environments, urban constraints and for all terrains.


Serving the oil and gas industry with experienced project managers, engineers and operational managers, TritonEC is able to complete a wide array of project throughout Thailand and the Asia Pacific region. Through a process of project evaluation, planning and execution, TritonEC is set to complete the most challenging construction projects.


Power and Telecommunications: In this ever expanding and rapidly changing industry whilst dealing with environmental and urban constraints, the traditional installation process of power and telecommunication cables is challenging. TritonEC is positioned to fulfill this unique niche in the industry using HDD technology and difficult trenchless methodologies in any given terrain and constraints.


TritonEC has the capability to design wastewater solutions for a range variety of clients from industrial parks to communities and regions in the country. We are able to engineer and construct wastewater solutions using our HDD technology allowing for seamless implementation that is cost efficient with minimal disruptions to the environment.