TRITN invested 150 MB  in Nongree Power Plant with indicator of 15% IRR and ROI within 7 years

TRITN invested 150 MB in Nongree Power Plant with indicator of 15% IRR and ROI within 7 years

TRITON HOLDING PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED or TRITN released information that the company has invested 150 million Baht in Nongree Power Plant Co., Ltd. at proportion of 1,600,000 shares or 80% of registered capital and sold out after its capital increment to 200 million Baht

This strategic investment has positivity to the company leading to goal achievement focusing on expansion in renewable power plant business sector. This will generate continuous income and profit in a long run and strengthen flow of income which will be more advantageous compared to construction sector since earning of income is vulnerable due to business will recognize income at one time per one project.

For Nongree Power Plant involving in generating of Biogas Power energy (biogas) in very small power producer (VSPP), derived from Venus water which is polluted water from sugar mill group of company situated within 19 km. from the power plant.

Nongree Power Plant is located in Bor Ploi District, Kanchanaburi province having production capacity of 3.6 megawatt. The company has purchase contract from Provincial Electricity Authority ( EA) for 5 years with revolving extension every 5 years. This differentiate from contract of Biomass power plant and Solar farm contract since Nongree contract enjoys fundamental electricity rate at 4.3343 Baht and adder rate 0.30 Baht totaling at 4.5243 Baht/ unit for 7 years counting from the date of first commercial selling to PEA

Currently Nongree Power Plant has already operated to its full capacity at 3 megawatt since the beginning of 2019. The company recognize selling income of 5.3 million Baht per month which contribute to 65 million Baht per annul with profit at 2.1 million Baht per month. IRR from project investment is 15% and return on investment with 7 years.

However, prior to entering into Nongree investment, the company has made due diligence to rectify all data and appraise risk factors in all dimension under advice from external consults in terms of accounting, tax, legal, engineering and business valuation. These activities have been transacted via the professionals to enter into agreement operate and manage power plant (O& M) and guarantee the income from sale to maintain and reach the expectation of TRITN