Triton Holding Public Company Limited (TRITON) is a listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The Company’s core business is in specialized engineering and construction in three key sectors of oil and gas, power, and rail/ train. Triton Engineering and Construction (TTEC, subsidiary of TRITON) is an established leader in pipeline construction, pipe jacking and HDD, and an emerging key player in Thailand’s high growth industries of renewable energy (namely biomass, biogas, and waste to energy engineering) and rail/ train (track construction, power supply, signaling and communication systems). Today, TTEC employs more than 500 highly experienced and trained engineers and technicians across all three sectors.

Complementing the Company’s continued push in its core business, TRITON aggressively invests in other businesses to secure healthy long-term recurring income, cash flow, with strong strategic growth prospects. In 2020, the Company has invested in two biogas power plants with more than 20 years of secured power purchasing agreement with the Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand. In addition, TRITON has acquired 20% in Global Consumer Public Company Limited, a leader in the food processing business in Thailand, to which this investment is expected to generate long-term income stream as well as capital gains through its growth trajectory.

Therefore, at the Group level, TRITON employs a “two-pronged” approach to maximize both short and long-term return to shareholder: 1) Maximize profitability and value from its core specialized engineering business, and 2) Deploying its strong balance sheet to acquire assets and businesses to achieve stable income and cash flow to complement the more cyclical main business.



“Invest for generations to come” The guiding vision of Triton Group is to invest for generations we mean for the people we love and care most about in our lives. At Triton, we care about the long-term prosperity of all our stakeholders.


“Performance Sustainability Reliability” We aim for reliable, sustainable performance. These three pillars are the hallmark of our company. They remain the foundation upon which we continue to expand.



Ethical behavior is the cornerstone of Triton. We continue and aim to grow our company on a reputation of honesty and fairness. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason. Through integrity we solidify the connection that we build between Triton and our clients.


We strive to create a team that is diverse with the aim that diversity brings productivity, creativity and efficiency. Safety for our people, the communities that we work in, and the environment is our utmost priority.


Cost Awareness is a major concern for Triton as we aim to focus on managing our own costs as well as our clients cost.


How we deliver projects for
our customers matters just
as much as what we deliver.

Sustainability is delivered in our projects using a full spectrum approach that involves core engineering, procurement, construction and strategic services.  This approach leverages unique knowledge and capabilities to delivery sustainable projects for our clients, and the socio-economic communities.

OUR COMMITMENT of Triton Holding is to protect the people and the environment, partner with communities and society to promote positive economic development.  This commitment is embodied in Triton’s Vision, Values and Covenants, Environment and Safety Rules and Regulations, and our Code of Conduct.

CONSERVATION of the environment, including reducing energy use and air emissions, water and resource consumption and promote waste management are projects that are identified for Triton Holding.  We engage with key stakeholders to build understanding relationships and maintain trust, implement programs that improve the quality of life where we work as well as help address broader societal issues.

EMPLOYEES are all treated with respect and dignity and diversity is promoted within the workplace.  We strengthen our sustainability through education, innovation, training and the use of appropriate industry standards and external guidelines.



The priority objectives of the Board of Directors of Triton, the strategic body, are to increase the value of the company and to defend stakeholders’ interests. Its principal missions are to adopt major strategies of the company and its subsidiaries, monitor the implementation of those strategies, verify fair and accurate presentation of information of the company and its subsidiaries, and to protect corporate assets whilst ensuring compliance with good corporate governance.