Triton Engineering and Construction PLC., a multi discipline engineering, procurement and construction management company, is a leading player in Thailand in specialized engineering sectors of oil and gas, rail/ train, and renewable energy power plant (biomass power plant, biogas power plant, and waste to energy power plant). With in-house expertise, Triton Engineering and Construction PLC. is committed to providing exceptional services to clients on a broad range of capital and operational projects.

Triton Engineering and Construction PLC. started off as a market leader in horizontal directional drilling in all industries, with landmark project being the 600-km oil pipeline network from Central to North of Thailand for BAFS Public Company Limited. Then in 2020, growing from this strong base, Triton Engineering and Construction PLC. made a strategic decision to expand into rail/ train and power plant specialized engineering through mergers and acquisitions of two partner companies. As clean energy and rail/ train infra-structure buildouts are the central themes of the current Thai government, Triton Engineering and Construction PLC. is well positioned to capture a significant market shares in these sectors in the next decade.

With more than 500 in-house engineers and technicians across all disciplines, Triton Engineering and Construction PLC. aims to be the leader in engineering, procurement and construction management services in all three focused sectors.



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Triton Engineering and Construction PLC. engineers, constructs infrastructure, commercial projects and management as specialists in project construction and management with superior experience for HDD. Our expertise is suited to sensitive environments, urban constraints and for all terrains.



Serving the oil and gas industry with experienced project managers, engineers and operational managers, Triton Engineering and Construction PLC. is able to complete a wide array of project throughout Thailand and the Asia Pacific region. Through a process of project evaluation, planning and execution, Triton Engineering and Construction PLC. is set to complete the most challenging construction projects.



Power and Telecommunications: In this ever expanding and rapidly changing industry whilst dealing with environmental and urban constraints, the traditional installation process of power and telecommunication cables is challenging. Triton Engineering and Construction PLC. is positioned to fulfill this unique niche in the industry using HDD technology and difficult trenchless methodologies in any given terrain and constraints.



Triton Engineering and Construction PLC. has the capability to design wastewater solutions for a range variety of clients from industrial parks to communities and regions in the country. We are able to engineer and construct wastewater solutions using our HDD technology allowing for seamless implementation that is cost efficient with minimal disruptions to the environment.



Trans Thai Railway is well expertise company having long years of experiences in signaling, electrical and maintenance of engineering rail system. Our high potential engineering team can effectively expose in direct bidding and sub-contracting major rail engineering projects.



To achieve the growing energy demand in the future, at Triton Engineering and construction Public company Limited, we are an expert in power plants. As we continuously develop our knowledge, technologies and innovations to demonstrate excellence in clean energy delivery. We also provide a full range of energy business services in fields of consultation on investment and management in the energy business, power generation, power plant construction together with the management of the power plant to demonstrate the most efficiency in operating system. As our vision is to be a leader and highly successful in energy business.