TRITON GROUP : TRITN Teams Up with “Trans Thai Railway” to Penetrate the Rail Business

TRITON GROUP : TRITN Teams Up with “Trans Thai Railway” to Penetrate the Rail Business

Triton Holding Public Company Limited (TRITN) announced in accordance to the company investment strategy to increase revenue and seek sustainable profit and competitiveness. The board of directors meeting no.7/2020 which held on June 25, 2020 has passed a resolution to approve Triton Engineering Construction Public Company Limited (TTEC) (a subsidiary of TRITN in the proportion of 93.68% of the paid-up capital) to invest in Trans Thai Railway (TTR). TTR is a specialized “Rail” company operating in the business of construction, signaling systems, electrical systems in the railway, design and maintenance, etc. The business of TTR has advantages which can create a value added for TRITN as follows;

1) TTR has expertise in signaling systems and electrical systems for train operation, design and maintenance of machinery related to railway works.

2) Shareholders, Directors and Executives have over 5 years of working experience in the said business with many potential teams which able to accept works directly or can be subcontracted.

3) Currently, the government supports a lot of projects regarding the railway such as the long-distance intercity railway system and large transportation systems which make the market in this field very large with a rapid growth rate, therefore TTR has a high chance of getting a job.

4) TTR is a leader in this field of business and having a high competitive advantage which is a good opportunity for TTR to generate more incomes.

More importantly. TTR is one of the local market leaders in providing rail services. This specializes service is operating in a niche market with limited competitors with existing shareholders and executives considered as expertise in their field.

The acquisition is strategically in-line with TRITN’s long-term sustainability objectives and will complement TTEC’s business in specialized engineering services and provides a unique opportunity to create an immediately presence in the expanding rail industry in Thailand.